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Why Beach Lovers Prefer Flip-Flops

Feb 07, 2018 0 comments
Why Beach Lovers Prefer Flip-Flops


Flip-flop images are featured on our products -- from shirts to duvet covers.


Because they’re so...beachy.

Call them flip-flops, sandals, or even thongs, they are an essential part of beach life. Like that saying goes, if I can't wear flip flops then I don't want to go!

Flip-flops are easy to wear. With a simple slide of the foot, you’re ready to go—no laces or buckles required. When life seems stressful, flip-flops evoke a happy-go-lucky ease. They conjure up feelings associated with being at the beach, namely as a Happy Place. 

Flip-flop History

Maybe it’s obvious: flip-flops got their name from the sound they make slapping against the floor. The flip-flop images on our products look modern and colorful. But these happy, foot-ventilating sandals are not a new invention.

Ancient Egyptians sported sandals made from papyrus or palm leaves as early as 4000 B.C. African flip-floppers used rawhide. Indian wearers used wood, and Asians preferred rice straw to make their footwear.

Migration and Materials

In 1940’s Japan, flip-flops were a standard accessory. These sandals, called Zori were brought over to the United States after World War II. They gained popularity during the 1950’s and 60’s. Adding unique patterns and colors, Americans grew attached to this convenient and comfortable footwear.

Flip-flops are now made from materials like foam, plastic, leather and fabric. They also can be constructed from recycled bicycle rubber and plastic bottles. Flip-flops can cost as little as $5.00 –and even less in some parts of the world.

Sandal Style

Flip-flops are usually worn at home, on the beach or in casual settings. When you choose black or add some bling, they can look classy enough for a night on the town. Young people are fine wearing their flip-flops in formal settings. Older generations still aren’t sure they are appropriate.

The most expensive flip-flops ever made cost $18,000. They feature 18-carat gold accents and hand painting by L.A. artist David Palmer.

Think that pair would be glitzy enough for a formal event?

Flip-flop Trivia
• National Flip-flop Day is June 19th.
• Flip-flop yearly sales has topped $20 billion.
• Around the world, flip-flops are called slippers, slops, slappies, house shoes or air sandals.
• Tropical islanders that play basketball can run, jump and shoot hoots easily in their flip-flops. They are also used for playing tennis.
• Barack Obama became the first President of the United States to be photographed wearing a pair of flip-flops.


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