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Beach Body Plan

Apr 12, 2018 0 comments
Beach Body Plan

by Lisa Luciano

It’s been a long winter.

I’ve had my share of comfort food, and a serious lack of sunshine.  With a few extra pounds and pasty white skin, I don’t feel quite ready for the beach.

Maybe you can relate to this.  If so, let’s use some springtime to prepare ourselves for the upcoming beach season.  You don’t have to make drastic changes to who you are. 

Going to the beach doesn’t mean you have to become a skinny, bikini model.  Be comfortable in your own skin. But, let’s use some spring days to take stock of where we might make some changes…to be the best we can be.

It may be overwhelming to think about losing a few pounds.  But, there are some relatively painless ways to start:

  • Write down what you eat. Keeping a log of each tasty snack and every meal may surprise you.  Little snitches of high-calorie morsels really add up!  Writing down your edibles may alert you to ways you could cut back on calories, and show you the truth about what you're eating. 


  • Always sit down to eat.
    After preparing your food, sit down and dine at a leisurely pace. Chew slowly and enjoy.  We can learn something from other cultures, such as the French.  They have adopted great dining habits, and it seems to work, since their obese population is lower than most westernized countries.  Among other things, they eat at fixed times, don’t eat snacks, eat meals together and take their sweet time at the table. 
  • Take Half.
    Go ahead and have some dessert, but you don’t need a big chunk of cake. A little taste will sometimes satisfy. Choosing a half-size portion of dessert will give you half the calories.
  • Fill up with water.
    Drinking lots of water fills you up and hydrates your skin. It can be a key factor in weight loss too. Studies show that when you drink water before a meal, you lose weight faster. Also, sometimes people think they are hungry, when it’s actually a thirst issue.  When you feel like snacking, try downing some water instead.  It might be just what you need.  


  • Bring healthy snacks along. Eat them now and tote them along to the beach. Make healthy snacking easy and convenient. If you bring your own satisfying, low-calorie snacks, you will be less likely to give in to the quick, calorie-loaded snacks that you everywhere you look. Swap processed sugary goodies with fiber-rich fruits.
  • Add more fruits and vegetables. Studies show that adding two servings a day of fruits and vegetables is a key factor in weight loss for menopausal women-- and it's healthy for all ages.


  • Add fat burning foods to your diet.
    Eggs (and other high protein foods) work harder to burn fat. Here are some you might want to add to your diet:  When your body has the nutrients it needs, it can do its job better.  This includes getting rid of toxins, dead skin cells and regenerating your body in every way.  We need this – whether were spending time in the city or on the beach!
  • Don’t give up. Look back over the lst. It's not all about reducing calorie intake. Its not all about self-denial. Weight loss doesn’t have to be painful, and don’t let it be a reason to get discouraged. If you blew it today, start again tomorrow. Remember, you have a head start.  It’s not really beach season yet. Although you might take a step back now and then…you’re still ahead of the game. Press on...and see you at the beach!

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