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Beach Themed Bridal Shower

Sep 03, 2018 0 comments
Beach Themed Bridal Shower
By Lisa Luciano
Beaches are all about beauty and romance.  That’s why a beach-themed bridal shower is a natural fit. The bride doesn’t have to be a beachcomber and she doesn’t have to be honeymooning on the Riviera.  Beach themes are fun for any bride in any location. And when you look around, it looks like beach-themed party ideas are as plentiful as grains of sand. Along with some basic helps for planning any bridal shower, we’re including ideas for your beach-themed event. So, recruit a few helpers and start planning!

⦁ Pick a date. The best time for a bridal shower can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months before the wedding. It’s best to have it early, since the bride gets busier as the wedding gets closer. 
⦁ Assemble a guest list. Ask the bride for friends and family members to include.  Then send out invitations 4-6 weeks before the shower date. When you create your shower invites or plan décor, here are some themes to consider:
  • Two less Fish in the Sea…
  • No matter how large the sea, these two ships were destined to meet…
  • Sandy Toes and Wet Kisses, Let’s Shower the Mr. & Mrs.
  • Toes in the Sand, Ring on Her Hand.
  • Dropping her anchor and tying the knot!
⦁ Plan the menu. If your shower lands in the middle of the afternoon, feel free to offer drinks, fruit and light snacks.  
⦁ Choose games. When guests arrive, they can put in their guess for the number of seashells in a jar. Any bridal shower game can be adapted to fit your beach theme.  We also offer a FREE Bridal Bingo Printable here.
You will need Adobe Reader to view and print the file. The free PDF is letter size 8.5x11 and there are two bingo cards to the page. Personal use only please.

⦁ Gather the prizes and favors. The party store usually has many ready-made items to buy. If you're the DIY type here are some ideas:
⦁ Bags of bath salts
⦁ Candles
⦁ Decorative chocolates
⦁ Shell cookies
Last but not least: Decorate! Gather those helpers and pick a few cool decorating ideas that fit your budget. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for beachy ideas.
So, when the day arrives, remember to adopt a beach mentality:
Kick back and enjoy yourself!
You worked hard and now it’s time to have a great time, along with the bride and all her friends!
Here are Coastal Beach Style we also offer a unique selection of towels that would make a great gift.
Check out the collection here.

Have suggestions? Chime in the comments below, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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