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Hawaii 5-0 50th Birthday Party

Apr 23, 2018 0 comments
Hawaii 5-0 50th Birthday Party


by Cindy Bendel

My husband Mike was approaching his 50th birthday. I didn't think much of it until a friend mentioned celebrating her husband's big 5-0. 

Then the idea hit me - Hawaii 5-0!

"That would make a great theme for Mike's birthday" I thought. So over dinner I excitedly shared the idea. It didn't take much convincing, he already had a collection of Hawaiian shirts. He was ready to party.

The nearest beach is three hours away from us, so a beach party wasn't feasible. I started searching for venues in our area and discovered a restaurant called Bungalow Lakehouse. It had a great setting overlooking the water. Once I visited the place I knew we had the perfect party location.

I booked a date.

The next step was to come up with a guest list and create invitations - an illustration of a Hawaiian shirt with ocean background.

Once we got the word out with invitations, it was time to think about details. Thankfully because we were having the party at a restaurant, I didn't have to think about prepping food. 

I fell in love with the idea of having a photo booth. It's not a terribly novel concept, it's been around for a long time. But I figured it would add some fun and entertainment to the party. 

I searched the Internet for beach backdrops and settled on one with palm trees and an ocean background. It gave the party a festive vibe. 

The backdrop is made from a polyester material, it feels like a beach towel. I figured after the party is over I'd hang it up on the wall as a decoration. There's nothing like gazing at a tropical ocean scene. It'll come in handy during the cold winter months when I'm stuck indoors.

The beach backdrop can be ordered from (affiliate link). Note that you may also need to order a backdrop stand to hold the backdrop.

I also found these fun beach signs on Amazon, it was so perfect for our photo booth!

The photo above shows a sample of the many signs included in the package. These are also available on (affiliate link).

I probably should mention the matching Hawaiian family outfits. I found them on The design and material are very nice, it has a lightweight feel to it.

The retail stores are also rolling out seasonal summer items, so I was able to pick up other props and decor for the party.

Straw Hat and Large Sunglasses - Party City

Flower Leis, pineapple and coconut decor  - Dollar Tree

Pineapple Sunglasses - Target Dollar Section

Flamingo Puppet - IKEA

Last but not least was The Cake. I poured through Pinterest for ideas on a Hawaiian theme one. And after six boxes of King Arthur cake mix, twenty-four eggs, and five pounds of powdered sugar I created a three layer cake. The photo makes it look like a regular size cake but believe me this thing was HUGE! And heavy. My husband couldn't wait to tear into it.

It truly was a labor of love, it deserves its own blog article. While many of you know me as a graphic artist, those who have known me a long time remember when I started my gourmet cookie business. We're talking back in the year 2003, fifteen years ago! I developed my background in pastry, and while I no longer have the cookie biz those skills still come in handy.

The day of the party finally arrived. And the weather could not have been more beautiful. It ended up being a wonderful party and everyone had a great time. I'm still looking back fondly on the photos. 

Bungalow Lakehouse

A 50th birthday is definitely a milestone worth celebrating. And if you can do it with Hawaiian flair even better! I hope this article gives you ideas for your own party. What I've used is great not only for a birthday, but graduation, family reunion or even a retirement party. 

Let me know your thoughts below. And if you have questions chime in!

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