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Stylish Essentials for the Best Escape Anyone Can Have (BEACH)

With summer 2017 in full swing people are heading to the beach! Check out our list of 8 fun and unique essentials to make the most of your beach day.

1. Beach Kits
Known for their mini kits, Pinch Provisions came up with couple that are handy for ocean trips. Their Beach Please Kit includes a flip flop fixer, SPF 30 sunscreen, aloe gel, deodorant towelette and foot wipe.

Pinch essentials also has the Secretly A Mermaid kit which includes sunscreen, aloe and dry shampoo. You can find this kit at Sephora.

2. Custom-Made Swimsuits

Create the perfect fitting swimsuit with digitally printed templates from Sprout Patterns. Choose a pattern and Sprout will print the pattern onto fabric. Follow the instructions to cut and sew. You can tailor the pattern to fit your body.

Don't sew? No problem! They also offer a white glove service to sew the pattern for you. Below are a couple patterns by artist Linda Baysinger Peck. On the left is a tropical hibiscus in vibrant pink and orange colors. The Soma Bikini on the right features a flattering abstract design. You can find the patterns in her shop.

3. Sunglasses

When it comes to the beach, sunglasses are a requirement. They're easy to loose so it's not a bad idea to bring an inexpensive pair. These Lolita heart-shaped sunglasses from zeroUV fit the bill at $9.99.

Need a polarized pair? Costco sells a line of Kirkland brand polarized shades for $30.

4. Beach Bags

Travel bags are a big essential for a beach trip. They're handy to carry everything you need for the day. Coastal Beach Style offers a wide range of bags to suit your needs - from drawstring bags to totes to extra large carryalls.

Watermelon Stripe Personalized Drawstring Bag

 Flamingo Tote Bag

5. Sunscreen

What's a beach article without mentioning sunscreen? One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime, so make sure your skin is well protected. Sticks are really handy for the beach and don't spill all over your bag. Our favorite is the Banana Boat SPF 50 Sport Stick.


6. Hair Protection

Protect your hair from sun damage. There are many products out there and it can be hard to choose the right ones. Thankfully Sephora created the Summer Hair Savior. Packaged in a cute pink bag, this set contains all you need to cleanse, refresh, treat, and style your hair. Dry shampoo helps refresh and cleanse the hair. Wave Sprays help give a summer wave without heat damage. Oils and deep conditioners sooth, and hydrate summer damaged hair.

7. Turkish Towels

Also known as pestemal, Turkish towels are flat-woven with hand-tied fringe, typically made of Turkish cotton, linen or even silk. They are more compact and dry faster than conventional towels. The Turkish Towel Store offers many beautiful designs such as the colorful batik shown below.


8. Beach Hoodie

Nothing beats a cozy hoodie on a chilly beach night. Coastal Beach Style offers a selection in a variety of colors, such as this Life is Better in Flip Flops design.


What are your beach essentials?

Share them with us in the comment below!


Cindy Bendel



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