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Winter vs. The Beach

Feb 10, 2018 0 comments
Winter vs. The Beach

It's winter and it’s still cold. That rascal groundhog saw his shadow and we aren't putting the boots away anytime soon. Our bones are longing for high temps and sand between our toes, but all we have is diluted sunshine and cozy socks where the sand should be.

Immediate travel and relocation are both out of the question…oh, please wake me up when it's summer!

Beach lovers, take heart.  Here are some ideas to bring the beach home, survive the winter blahs and plan for next year's getaway!

Bring the Beach Home

Even with a limited budget, you can bring the beach into your landlocked winter home. Here are a few ways:

  • Pick a corner, a piece of furniture, or a bathroom and decorate it with a beach theme. Combinations of white, your favorite blues and naturals add an airy, beachy freshness to your living space. Top with seashells and beach trinkets, then sit down and relax in your flip flops.
  • Add beach décor to your bedroom. Include large, lovely travel volumes from the library.  Stack them up on a table and dream of next winter's trip to a shoreline paradise!
  • Add an indoor sandbox. Sound crazy?  A new stress-relief trend, little sandboxes are popping up everywhere to encourage soothing, tactile play.  For adults and children alike, they are available in natural boxes and include kinetic sand that makes cleanup easy. For an art adventure with kids, try making magic sand.

Credit: Brookstone

Seasonal Survival

Maybe you have that stiff, seasonal hunch in your shoulders.  Perhaps you have a warm mug of something locked into your fist and dream about thawing out in a long, hot bath. Here are a few practical ways to survive winter and feel better:

  1. Exercise. Yes, it's the answer to just about everything, but exercise stimulates those happy hormones and does wonders for your mood. Even a short walk can lift your spirits. It's physically and mentally satisfying to know you did something good for your mind and body.
  2. Add light and color. Work in sunny areas whenever possible. Add bright colors to your living and work spaces.
  3. Start a beach-themed book list for cozy indoor pleasure. Books for adults include: The Sea by John Banville; Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead; and Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.

    For the kids, try one of these: Beach by Elisha Cooper; Stella, Star of the Sea by Mary Louise Gay; One White Wishing Stone by Doris Gayzagian;     and The Seaside Switch by Kathleen V. Kudlinski.

    1. Watch a family-friendly movie– with a beach setting, of course:
    • Free Willy
    • Big Miracle
    • Dolphin Tale
    • IMAX Deep Sea
    • Oceans by Disneynature
    • Holiday in the Sun

      Vacation Fund Jar (credit: Oriental Trading)

      Next Year’s Beach Trip

      Use these hum-drum, gray winter days to collect ideas for your next seashore adventure.  Keep a journal of plans.  Make a bulletin board with beautiful beach clippings and mount it where it will give daily inspiration. While planning, here are three quick tips to remember when planning a beach vacation:

      1. Start a special savings account to tuck away trip funds.
      2. Plan a beach trip during off-peak times.
      3. Choose a lesser-known beach location to avoid crowds and overpriced accommodations.

      When you crave sand and seashore, winter can seem confining, dull and stressful. 

      But with a little creativity, you can outsmart winter by bringing a bit of coastal living indoors.  You can brighten up your winter with extra color, light and indoor family fun.

      Best of all, you can use your time to plan and dream for next year’s amazing trip to the beach!

      Got any tips to beat the winter blues? Share in the comments below!


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